• Birte Fischer

    Birte at work.

    Birte Fischer is a sound engineer of the SAE and supports us with the next studio recordings.

  • Chad Mauldin

    Chad Mauldin

    Chad Mauldin supports some mixdowns of recordings for CD Blue #2.


  • Chrissy Hat

    Chrissy Hat

    Chrissy Hat cares for the publication of CD "Rocket Science" and CD "Blue #2"?in?6 languages. She also can talk to you in all these languages !


  • Enrico Capalbo

    Enrico Capalbo

    Enrico Capalbo at Fonoprint-StudioB at the mixdown of CD Rocket Science. Mastering was done at the  Fonoprint Mastering Studio.


  • Friederike Behning

    Franziska Raduenzel

    Friederike Behning is artist for graphic and design working on the layout for CD Blue #2. She is pretty awesome. Who else can put Tommy's wild paintings and ideas into esthetic compositions ?

  • Ryan Yunck

    Ryan Yunck

    Ryan Yunck at Perfect-Fourth-Studio at recordings for CD Blue #2.


  • Technique

    The artists for music, composition,design, language and technique.

  • Thomas Bonk

    Thomas Bonk

    Thomas Bonk at Soundport-Studio at recordings for CD Rocket Science.


  • Tommy Blue (T)

    Tommy Blue Managers Desktop

    Tommy Blue is composer, sound engineer, artist for graphic and design, producer and manager.